September 29

Boy Scout trip to Yellowstone

We arrived to Yellowstone National Park we hike three miles and we saw a big waterfall over 100 ft. The mist nice and cool for that hot and summer day.We talk on the way to our campsite we saw about 100 elk on a hill side the grass was so tall we only saw the heads of they heads.The next day we were driving to go hiking on the way we saw a black bear I think sleeping. Did you know Grizzly bears can be black the  only to tel if it is Black bear is the snout and the paw.

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6 thoughts on “Boy Scout trip to Yellowstone

  1. dpeterson

    I’m so glad you’re writing about your Boy Scout trip to Yellowstone. What an amazing experience! So much beauty and amazement in nature. I didn’t know how to tell if a bear if a Black bear. Their snout and paws are black?

    Mrs. P

    1. npear21 (Post author)

      I found that about that grizzly could be black too. At the Boy scout camp which sometimes see bears I am so glad that I did not see any bears at camp.

    1. npear21 (Post author)

      I got told that when I was in Yellow stone national Park. I was so confused at the at lease it has not ruptede in a long time. Sorry for my bad spelling.

  2. mstan21

    Hey Nathan I went to Yellowstone to it’s beautiful what did you like about Yellowstone? I liked the animals and what’s your favorite animal in Yellowstone?


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