August 20

My favorite things about 6th grade

There is more freedom and it feels like a shorter day every day and I like how we get to play after lunch every day. I get to see more friends and

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4 thoughts on “My favorite things about 6th grade

  1. dpeterson

    You’ve got a great start here on Edublogs. I like the theme you chose and your first post is looking good. You can go to your Dashboard and click on posts in order to edit and add more to what you started writing.
    Way to go!
    See you soon in Media Lab.
    Mrs. P

  2. clewi21

    Hey Nathan! The yellow trip was Aeromexico when I went with you! Remember when I went with you on the trip! Remember wilderness survival? I still haven’t found the blue tarp LOL 😂. Awesome blog!

  3. lbald21

    Hi Nathan it is Luke B. I also feel like the days are shorter.In the past it felt like every day would never end especially at the beginning of the year.

  4. Matthew

    Hi Nathen its Matthew, 6th grade has alot more freedom, and the days really do go by faster. Do you like to do athletics at 1:00 to?


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