March 4

Hello from Texas

Hi St. Peter school my name is Nathan I go Prince of Peace Christian School  I did not know that Micahel Jackson was born in Indiana. Micahel Jackson was one of my favorite sings when I was nine years old, I have  in Indiana to see grandparents. I really like how muesum in downtown indiana has the dionsaurs sticking of the building. Little fun facts about me my favorite sports are baseball, tennis,and I have two parakeets.

Hope you can write back!


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1 thoughts on “Hello from Texas

  1. Mrs. Marbach's Class

    Hola and Guten Tag from Indiana,

    We have the choice to learn either Spanish or German. Are you learning a foriegn language? We are 5th and 6th graders from St. Peter-Immanuel, but we go by SPI. We have 15 kids in our class. Some of our class likes Michael Jackson too! What was your favorite Michael Jackson song? That museum is called The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. 10 of our students have also been there! The sports our class plays are: baseball, volleyball, dance, softball, soccer, swimming, cheerleading, basketball, football, and gymnastics. Our class just learned how to play pickleball in PE class! What are the names of your parakeets? Students in our class have: cows, dogs, cats, fish, goats, pigs, lizards, hamsters, turtles, cockroaches, and chickens.

    Adios and Tschuss,

    5th & 6th graders from SPI


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