February 16

100wc 20

This year for  coformation camp we are going to a new camp this year I am excited to be going again. This year at camp I want to be stronger in my faith with Jesus and it sounds like there is a blob at this camp if you do not what o blob is, it is kind of a huge pillow that is filled with air. Someone gets on the blob by jumping off a high platform and goes to end of blob, then someone else jumps off the high platform and when land on the blob which launches you.

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February 11


In 3rd grade I played baseball on the POPCS team it was fun we played in some freezing cool weather and warm weather. Matthew was our main pitcher on our team and I pitched couple of games I did. Got to the finales  it was super fun game and the winner is our team and we got the first trophy it was super exciting to win the baseball season and the best part of playing baseball is hanging out with my friends went to my favorite resraunt. I got home I  put my trophy  on my shelf by my other trophy.

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January 14

The worlds problems

We are cutting a lot of trees per day for paper and house furniture. We should planted 2x the trees we cut down and trees clean air for us since we had gas’s cars there is a lot of  pollution in the air it the is less clean air for us to breath. Take La, California for example in the air in morning you see black clouds which is gas. When the trees are being cut animals habitat are being destroyed every day we need to started planting more trees than we cut down which means animals can come back.