May 20

My Boy Scoots Trip to Colorado River/ last post

I am going to tell you about one of my favorite boy scoots trip. On May 13 of 2022 I went to Colorado River when I got there some of us went on a 2 mile hike to a waterfall and my option swimming in the river was better  then looking at the waterfall.  The father you got away from shore the deeper it got I took a dive, I keep swimming the deeper. Family I touched the bottom and then I pushed off the bottom of the river then I reached the surface of the river. Then saw the older scoots jumping off a rock into the river and the we had to hike back to the cars.

May 16

BFG book club book week 5

1.The BFG is becoming brave because he is helping the humans to not being eaten by the big mean giants. Sophie is becoming brave to go to the queen of England.

2. To become a YouTuber and get my parents to yes for a YouTube channel this summer.

3.I would give the BFG a 2 star because it is boring to me and it is not fun at all. I am not interested in it because I just don’t like the topic of the story.



May 2

Book club book week 3-4

1.To save queen of England by mixing up a dream.

2.trying to figure out what the dream should show the queen to make her soldiers to giant country

3. To not retaliate back because they just want reaction and tell your family about it.